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Sermons on 2 Corinthians

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Ready to Bear Witness The sermon will be a post on our Facebook page. Please click on link to view sermon. Where does power come from? The usual answers—family connections, reputation, possessions—are all rejected in this reading from Mark’s gospel. Jesus’ power is not only independent of his family connection—it is hindered by it. While it…

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Baptismal Water Is Thicker than Blood Many, perhaps most, subcultures in North America affirm the belief that “blood is thicker than water.” Even when our commitment to family is too often served through hand-wringing sentiment over the so-called decline of the family or pandered to by politicians seeking to prove their “family values” credentials, we…

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton Sermon for June 7, 2020

Celebrating Our God beyond Understanding The festival of the Holy Trinity celebrates the wonder of relationship with God while leaving us distinctly dissatisfied with our limited understanding of what God is. While guarding against the idolatry of language, we survey our scripture, doctrine, creeds, and symbols of our heritage. Equally important, we pray for God…