21155 College BLVD
Olathe, KS 66061

What to Expect

St. Mark’s provides two different Christ-centered worship styles with our first service beginning at 8:30a being a more traditional Lutheran worship. This includes music from a wonderful sounding pipe organ, vocal choir and bell choir.  Worship service is about an hour and follows the current Lutheran Book of Worship.  The service is projected on the wall which reduces paper usage. 1st service attire is typically business causal clothes and the pastor and assistants are typically robed.

The 2nd service begins at 11:00a and has music led by an excellent volunteer band called Disciples of Faith which contains electric and acoustical guitars, drums, and vocalists. The words to the Christian music is projected on the wall.  The 2nd service attire is more causal.

Both services contain the word (bible and sermons based on the bible) and sacraments (baptism and weekly communion) where the 1st  service has three readings from the bible and the 2nd service has a reading from the Gospels. There is a children’s sermon led by the pastor and monthly (Oct through May) the St. Mark’s LION puppeteers provide the children sermon. Child care is available for both services for children up to the age of 3. All children are welcome to stay during the church services. In both services, the people serve God through welcoming people, giving in offering, and participating in the service.

11:00a Disciples of Faith