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St Mark's Lutheran Church
St Mark's Lutheran Church
About the ELCA

St Mark's Lutheran Church is a member of the   ELCA  Evangelical Lutheran Church In America

             A History of the ELCA

            Quick Facts about the ELCA

             Regions and Synods of the ELCA

             Ecumenical and Inter-religious Information

             Campus Ministries

             College and Universities

The ELCA is structured with regional “synods” – Our synod is called the Central States - Central States Synod

The Central States Synod is also structured into sub-regional “area ministries” – ours is # 7 Area Minstry 7

What do Lutherans Believe?
What do Lutherans believe...
                           Confession of Faith
                           Ecumenical Creeds
                           Introducing Christianity and Lutheranism

Watch a Video Series on Martin Luther, and the Bible

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